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PACE Exhibit Rules & Regulations

Application for exhibit space at PACE expresses and demonstrates the applicant's willingness to abide by all accompanying exhibit Rules and Regulations (see below), as well as such additional Rules and Regulations as PACE Exhibit Management deems necessary to the success of the Exposition. Submission of this application, including all Rules & Regulations, will become a legally binding contractbetween Exhibitor and PACE.

It is understood and agreed that these Rules and Regulations are a part of the contract between Exhibitor and PACE. Provisions not covered are subject to the decisions of show management. Submission and/or application for exhibit space indicates the Exhibitor agrees to abide by all PACE Rules and Regulations and decisions of the management.

Payment in full must accompany Application for Exhibit Space.  Confirmation of exhibit space and booth assignment will be made only upon receipt of full payment.  

Cancellation & Refund Policy
All cancellations must be submitted in writing to PACE. No cancellations will be accepted by telephone.  Cancellations for PACE 2016 received in writing, prior to or on December 1, 2015, may receive a full refund. Cancellations for PACE 2016 received after December 1, 2015, will not be refunded.

Participating exhibitors from PACE 2015 be given booth choice priority for PACE 2016.  Booths will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Exhibitors may request four booth choices.  If exhibitor choices are unavailable, the exhibitor will be assigned a booth as close as possible to the requested space.

PACE reserves the right to reassign existing space at any time and open the space to all interested parties without advance notice. The exhibit floor layout may be adjusted to ensure an even flow of traffic. In addition, PACE will not be held responsible if an exhibitor chooses to select a booth in close proximity to a competitor after a company has chosen their booth. 

Exhibitors who do not claim their booth by official opening time of the exposition forfeit all rights to the exhibit space, all monies paid to date shall be retained by PACE and the booth space reverts back to PACE.

All booth personnel must be pre-registered to be eligible to work in the booth. Booth space payment does not include automatic pre-registration.

Insurance & Liability
All Exhibitors must furnish PACE with a certificate of liability insurance that is valid for the duration of the exposition.  PACE will not be responsible for the safety of exhibits from theft, damage by fire, accident, vandalism or any other losses.  Exhibitor assumes full responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Associations of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska and their employees and agents against all claims and/or losses arising out of or caused by Exhibitor’s installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the exhibition premises or any part thereof.

Exhibitor acknowledges that PACE and the Kansas City Convention and Entertainment Center, do not maintain insurance covering Exhibitor’s property or injury to persons, and that it is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain liability, business interruption, property damage, and other necessary insurance covering such losses by Exhibitor.
All property of Exhibitor is understood to remain under his custody and control, in transit to and from or within the confines of the hall.  Neither PACE, its service contractors, the management of the exhibit hall nor any of the officers, staff members or directors of any of the same are responsible for the safety of the property of Exhibitor from theft, damage by fire, accident, vandalism or other causes, and the Exhibitor expressly waives and releases any claim or demand he may have against any of them by reason of any damage to or loss of any property of the Exhibitor.

All vendors serving any and all types of food and/or beverage samples must obtain a Temporary Event Permit issued by the Kansas City Missouri Health Department - 816.513.6315.  It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to secure the permit.  All exhibitors must comply with the Rules and Regulations stipulated by the Kansas City Convention and Entertainment Center, Liquor Control Board, Health Department and State of Missouri.  All vendors serving alcoholic beverages must contact Aramark - 816.221.2737, the in-house catering supplier,  prior to the exhibition.

Exhibit Space
Exhibit space rental includes a 10’ x 10’ space, with pipe and drape, and a 7” x 44” one-line, black on white identification sign to include company name and booth number and four (4) exhibitor badges.  Should it be necessary for an Exhibitor to extend above the 8-foot back wall, permission must be obtained from PACE Management.

Exhibit Service Contractor
The official PACE Service Provider is Heritage Exposition Services, 314.534.8500, visit online at  This firm will maintain a  service desk in the exhibit area and will provide assistance upon receipt of purchase orders. In December, 2015 an Exhibitor Service Manual containing a set of order forms will be available on and a notice will be emailed to each exhibitor.

Electricity, Water & Janitorial Service
Arrangements for electrical service and water requirements must be made through the Exhibitor’s Service Manual (Green Wave, 816.513.5200).  Exhibitors are responsible for sweeping of booth carpet and trash removal/porter service. These janitorial services may be ordered on the forms sent with the Exhibitor Service Manual.  

Shipping Instructions / Material Handling
It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to arrange for shipment of exhibit materials through the official PACE Service Provider.  Information regarding the Service Provider will be provided to exhibitors in December, 2015.

Installation & DISMANTLING
Installation may begin at the earliest hour and day announced for such purposes in the management’s latest advisory. All exhibits must be erected and completely arranged by the hour and date officially announced for the opening of the exhibition.  Goods and materials used in any exhibit shall not be removed from the exhibit until THE EXPOSITION HAS OFFICIALLY CLOSED.  

The deadline for clearance of all materials from the exhibit hall will be strictly enforced.  It is the sole responsibility of each Exhibitor to have material packed and cleared for shipment by the Move-out deadline of 6:00 p.m., Saturday, February 20, 2016.

PACE management hereby reserves the right, with no liability whatsoever for damage, spoilage or loss, to dismantle, dispose of, store or clear from the premises any display materials, goods, property or merchandise of an Exhibitor who has failed to comply with this dismantling requirement, or order such work or removal to be done at the sole expense of the Exhibitor.

Conducting Exhibits
The exhibitor agrees to operate their exhibit under the rules of local and state fire regulations and shall comply with such interpretations of the regulations as made by the fire department having jurisdiction over the exposition site. Exhibitor shall limit their exhibit to products manufactured or distributed by the exhibitor in the regular course of business.  Exhibitor may not assign or sublet any booth or portion thereof, or permit any representative of any firm not exhibiting to solicit business in the assigned space. No music shall be played during trade show hours unless fees to ASCAP/BMI have been fulfilled by Exhibitor.

By providing contact information, including mailing address, email address, telephone number, and fax number, exhibitor consents to receive communications sent by or on behalf of PACE and/or the Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Associations of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska and its affiliates via any means including regular mail, email, telephone or fax and understands this information will be published in a trade show directory.

In an effort to protect the integrity of the show and to ensure the value of exhibit space at PACE, the endorsed policy of the show is as follows:  Any non-exhibiting vendor who wishes to attend PACE shall be charged an amount equal to the fee for one booth.  Non-exhibiting vendors who do not pay the fee will not be allowed on the trade show floor.




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